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Monday, January 10, 2011

Japanese Akita Dog

The Japanese Akita dog is not for the faint hearted owner. It is a large strong powerful dog with a regal bearing and a sense of its own superiority. It's a loyal dog. Which, when trained to a high standard, makes a wonderful companion, but training is crucial to successful ownership of this dog.

It's a large spitz type dog, full of muscle and latent power, easily recognised by the tail which curls over the back. It has a thick powerful neck and powerful shoulders. The coat is a thick top coat and a soft undercoat. Like most spitz breeds it is a surprisingly quiet dog that is not prone to nuisance barking. Akitas only tend to bark if it senses trouble. When it does bark however it can be frightening.

The Japanese Akita dog is by nature a loner and does not mix well with other dogs.? Especially male dogs. If you are going to own an Akita then extensive socialization is need to get it used to other dogs and even then it's not the kind of dog you can allow to run free on a public park. It requires extensive supervision at all times.

The dog is very territorial and will guard its home space against strangers. This can cause problems when friends or neighbours call to your home, the Akita may not like this. You will need to put him away in a crate or socialize him to frequent visitors.

It is also a very intelligent dog that will become bored easily. You need to keep it engaged when at home. During training the dog will soon become bored if the training is repetitive; if it becomes bored it will just walk away. Stubbornness is also one of its characteristics.

Think very carefully before committing yourself to this dog, do plenty of research. Many Akitas end up in rescue centres because their owners found that looking after the dog was too much for them and owning this dog is a challenge. Don't even consider getting an Akita if you are not a dominant person.

The dog will sense your weakness in no time and seek to take control. It is a natural leader and will only submit to your authority if it senses you are strong, show it weakness and it will take control, if this happens your ownership of the dog will not be pleasant.

If you're thinking of buying a Japanese Akita dog then do your homework. This is not like any other dog. Be prepared for plenty of challenges and to spend a lot of time training the dog. A well trained Akita can make a great and loyal companion for years that will be protective of you and your family but the dog does require extensive training.

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