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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Most often we find dogs make wonderful pets, however there are a few that make great working dogs for certain situations. You will find the Finnish Spitz dog breed is a great watchdog or hunter. They were breed early on to bark for a hunter to alert him of other animals. This can make the Finnish Spitz a little difficult to handle if you have neighbors unless you train him not to bark. You will find the Finnish Spitz dog breed to reach twenty- five pounds and about eighteen inches in height. They are golden red in color or auburn. The coat is soft to the touch. It is a dense coat with long hair.

The appearance of the Finnish Spitz is almost like a fox. They have small ears with a small pointed snout. You will also find their tail tends to curl back towards the head rather than hanging down or in an up position. One you have considered the appearance of the dog breed as your new family member you will want to consider their temperament. As stated they tend to bark a lot as they were breed for hunting; however they also make wonderful family pets for children. While it is best to supervise these dogs around small children they don't become aggressive or threatening. You will also find they are very active, intelligent, and affectionate dogs. They are aware of anger in a person's voice so you should always be gentle.

Training can be a little more difficult due to a stubborn streak, but if you are firm and gentle you will find the Finnish Spitz dog breed reacts better to commands. The intelligence this dog has also means he needs activity during training, or he will become bored. You will want to use patience during the training and make sure to train this dog breed daily. Always continue to work on skills. During training as a puppy you will be able to teach your dog to bark less or only at certain things. This can help make him a wonderful pet for the neighborhood. Remember though, that training for barking must begin as soon as possible.

While barking can be a small downside to this breed the temperament more than makes up for it. You will also find the care is rather easy. They tend to take care of the cleaning themselves. With long haired dogs you do have to brush them at least once a week and clean around their paws. You will find bathes are not necessary and should only be done if they begin to smell. They have sensitive skin so it is important not to bath them a lot. You will need to take care of their teeth and trim their nails at least once a year if not twice. As long as you take care of your dog's health by exercising him daily and not giving them a lot of treats you will find health problems will be kept to a minimum and they can live to at least thirteen years if not more. Exercise for the Finnish Spitz is important and they love to run. As long as you give them an hour or more a day to run outside, take walks, and have play time you will find them a wonderful companion. They can be taught to catch and retrieve items, tug of war, and just general fun.

Keep in mind that if you start out with an adult you may need to seek training to help with their bark and it can be a difficult road.

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