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Friday, January 7, 2011

Go Oriental With Japanese Breed Dogs

Dogs have a long history even in distant places like East Asia particularly in Japan. One of the most popular Japanese dog breeds is the Japanese Spitz characterized by its petite height, pointed muzzle with slanted oval eyes. Another interesting feature of the Spitz is that its hairs have the tendency to stand and tailor long from its back and its hind legs. It is also an excellent security animal as it suspicious of strangers and will bark repeatedly at first sign of doubt. Children also love having a Japanese Spitz at home as they are very friendly and patient with the child's playful actions. Keeping the Spitz nice and healthy is not a problem as it only requires minimal bathing and its coat barely catches a serious amount of dirt.

On the more ancient side of Japanese dog breeds comes the Shiba Inu which are said to breed from the mountains of Japan where they are very susceptible to the cold climate. It is also quite remarkable that Japanese authorities are able to save the almost extinct Shiba Inu in the 1920's The Shiba Inu's part wolf appearance makes it a revered animal to Japanese. Recently, this type of dog is considered as a national treasure in their country due to its early cultural existence.

Finally, another example of these Japanese dog breeds is the Akita Inu or Akita Ken which also stems from the Spitz family. It currently holds the title as the largest dog coming from Japan.

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