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Saturday, January 8, 2011

About Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz are developed in Japan in the 1920s and 30s by breeding a number of other Spitz type dog breeds together. They are recognized by the vast majority of the major kennel clubs, due to its being similar appearance to the American Eskimo and Samoyed dog from other country. A Japanese Spitz is a small dog around 33 cm at the withers, with a somewhat square body, deep chest, and a very thick, pure white double coat.

The Japanese Spitz has wedge-shaped face. It is an intelligent breed and will quickly learn what is required of them if gentle consistency is applied. They are also playful, alert, and obedient, and particularly excellent and loving towards children. They are small enough to enjoy being a lap dog, but do possess an independent nature and a strong will of their own so new owners need to be firm with their pups, but not that harsh because harsh handling and strong verbal and physical discipline are harmful and may be met with resistance. Positive reinforcement of treats and praise will bring out their eagerness to learn and their willingness to please. Socialization at a very early age can introduce the puppy to various people, places, noises, situations and other animals. This will mature into a friendly, confident, well mannered adult. This kinds of dogs are a type of companion dog and prefer to be an active part of the family but they can act as reliable watchdogs.

Although the Japanese Spitz might appear fluffy, they are a low maintenance breed as the coat has a non stick texture often compared to Teflon. This kind of dogs requires weekly care and grooming because a regular routine also ensures that any potential health problems are identified as quickly as possible. But grooming consists of not only brushing out the coat and bathing but also giving attention to the eyes, teeth, ears, feet and nails

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