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Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't buy dogs from Pet Shops!

Don't buy dogs from Pet Shops!

By researching to get my own puppy I came across the most horrible thing I saw in my life.  The puppy mills!  What are puppy mills you may wonder.. It's a factory of producing puppies, under the worst conditions, with hundred of dogs in a small area, hundred of puppies in small boxes and the worst is that they dont care to breed dogs from the same mother.  This conditions and methods produce unhappy puppies, sick, with genetic and cleronomical problems.
If you are thinking about buying a spitz dog, research a lot to find a good breeder, visit him and check his place, ask other people who bought from him and use your heart to decide if he is a real good breeder who love his dogs or someone who just seek the easy money!

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