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Monday, October 26, 2009


The German Spitz Mittel is the third largest of the 5 varieties of the German Spitz and is very similar in looks to the other sizes of German Spitz. It is usually bred in solid colors but parti-colors are acceptable.
In the British and Australian show rings, all varieties and markings are acceptable. In Germany (and consequently any other country where the FCI standard is used), only solid colored dogs and particolored dogs are considered correct, mismarked solids (colored with white toes, chest, or tail-tip) are not allowed. German Spitz Mittel coat colours are black, white, brown (liver), sable, black/tan, brown/tan, blue-grey, and various shades of cream and orange. German Spitz Mittel's nose pigment may be any color and eyes should be dark. German Spitz Mittel has a long outercoat with a soft woolly undercoat.

To qualify as a particular breed of German Spitz the dog is categorized by size. German Spitz Mittel weigh around 15-25 lb (7-11 kg) with a height from 12-15 in (30-38 cm).
German Spitz Mittel originated in Germany sometime in antiquity, with examples nearly identical to the modern version viewable in 18th century paintings. The watchful demeanor of these dogs initially led to their being highly valued on farms. Like other medium sized breeds of antiquity, they probably were used as all-around farm and companion dogs. They are very loyal and make excellent watchdogs with a tendency to alert the owner by barking.

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