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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dog Obedience Training - How to Train Your Dog to Guard

What is the necessity of a guard dog? A guard dog helps to protect the assets, both moveable and immovable, of the possessor. For this essential or highly significant reason a guard dog is trained by the owner himself or by professional dog obedience training. This indicates that you shall have to prepare your own dog and help it to grow like a perfect guard dog. However you should know the difference between a guard dog and watchdog beforehand. While the first one is trained also to attack any intruder whenever necessary, the watchdog tries to admonish their possessors through ceaseless barking.

Now before embarking on the process of dog obedience training you must detect the breed of the dog. The most famous breeds in the global arena are Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherd Dogs. They, due to their genetic influences, are appropriate in the roles of guard dogs. This is only possible due to their inherent qualities. Any guard dog should be daring, sharp and committed to work at the same time. In this situation both the Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherd happen to be marvelous. On the contrary just imagine the dogs like pug and spitz. They are completely incompetent in this role and if you misidentify them there may be a mess.

What does this indicate? Any guard dog training remains in the need of meticulous planning and implementation. You shall have to teach the dog both drive and bite and keep them in the schedule also. Now there are different types of guard dog training as a part of the dog obedience training. You shall have to opt for the most apt and meaningful one depending on the characteristics of the dog. Never forget that the success of the training depends on you. You are the key person to decide how your dog should react to different situations. Its aggressiveness or timid attitude depends largely on this.

Remember that this is also a part of the dog obedience training. But this training should be given to a dog who has already undergone the dog obedience training or even its basics. Any obedience training establishes the base and also the relationship between the dog and the owner. If the dog is already obedient, the rate of success will be higher.

Its also necessary to train the dog in the best way so that it can steer clear of the association of other dogs, especially of the other sex, along with mice and cats. These are nothing but distractions and that hamper the concentration of the dog in a great way. It's also the time for you to sharpen its barking skills. The best feature for which a dog gets admiration is barking. This is essential to send a shudder in the spinal chord of any intruder. The louder the bark of a dog is, the more respect it gets.

There are also different schools nowadays to impart the same training. You can take your dog to them. But all of them are not good. The best will be if you train.

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