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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs - Three Lessons from Some Great Dogs I Have Known

1. Johnny - some sort of mix between sheep herding dog and a collie that I had when I was about 4 until after I went to college. Johnny taught me loyalty and the ability to do things that are hard to do because you have to do them. I must have been about 6 or7 that warm day. I was swinging on the backyard swing, barefooted, dragging my feet through the no grass area underneath the swing. Suddenly, Johnny went berserk and acted like he was going to chew my feet off. So, now, I am standing in the swing. And then I see the prettiest coral snake right where my feet had been. Now, I'm hollering and out came the whole family - and my daddy ran and got the hoe. As soon as the snake was gone, Johnny, rubbed me with his nose and me and licked as if to say "I'm so sorry for scaring you, but I didn't want the snake to bite you."

2. Li' Toot - an "accident" when from breeding pugs and breeding chihuahuas who bred. We got Lil' Toot and his brother, Big Toot about the same time I became pregnant. Lil' Toot taught me that sometimes you don't need to be one who always gives in. Sometimes, you just need to stand your grand! Both of them liked to pile in my lap while I reclined in the recliner and read the newspaper. This unborn child could very easier have gone out for the soccer team because of his kicking ability. Apparently, he kicked both dogs at the same time. Bib Toot, being the mild gentleman that he was, moved over. Not Lil' Toot - no way! He looked at my ever increasing tummy, growled, and promptly laid back in the exact same place. I felt the baby roll over and kick someplace else.

3. Goya - a beautiful, white spitz. She was given to us when the little boy who kicked Lil' Toot was nearly 4 years old. Goya taught me that sometimes you have to do the right thing instead of the easy thing. I watched in horror from my kitchen window as that little boy climbed to the very crossbar of the swing set and started to walk across it. (Last time I took him to the circus for awhile!) If I hollered he would fall. If I rushed out, I would startle him and he would fall. Goya was watching him as well. Only she was there and I got there as quickly as possible. She followed him along the ground and crouched down. Just as I got there, he fell and landed on her. She could have moved at any time - but didn't. The doctor said she kept him from breaking his collarbone - it was only dislocated. The vet said Goya was fine, even if she was a little bruised and no doubt sore.

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